System Administration

MLC College – System Administration

Course outline:


  • What is a System?
  • Process of a System Logon
  • Configuring the logon process
  • Analysis Transactions

Starting and Stopping the System

  • System Start: Process
  • System Start: Logs
  • System Shutdown: How and Why?
  • Appendix – Starting and Stopping with Other Operating Systems
  • Appendix – Database Logs

Introduction to System Configuration

  • How the System Evaluates its Parameters
  • How to Set System Parameters
  • Setting up Operation Modes

Access to Help

  • Configuring the Online Documentation

Fundamentals of Working with the Database

  • Architecture of Database Systems
  • Backing Up the Database Contents
  • Overview: Monitoring the Database


  • Fundamentals of SAP Data Archiving
  • Performing Data Archiving
  • Accessing Archived Data

Working with the Transport System

  • Data Structure of Systems and System Landscapes
  • Performing and Checking Transports

Support Packages, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons

  • Term Definition: Support Packages
  • Importing Support Packages
  • Updating the Tools

Scheduling Background Tasks

  • Fundamentals of Background Processing
  • Time-Based Scheduling of Jobs
  • Event-Based Scheduling of Jobs
  • Background Processing: Other Topics
  • Job Scheduling: Extending the Standard

Including Printers in SAP Systems

  • Configuring Printers in Systems
  • Concept of Logical Spool Servers
  • Managing Spool Requests

Basics of User Administration

  • User Administration Concept
  • Authorization Concept
  • Login Parameters and User Info
  • Appendix – Advanced User Administration Topics

Setting Up Remote Connections

  • Fundamentals and Types of RFC
  • Setting Up RFC Connections

System Monitoring

  • Monitoring Architecture
  • Including Remote Systems
  • Creating Your Own Monitors

Vendor Certification:

MLC does not offer vendor certification but facilitates those under the VUE partnership. The certificate will be directly issued by the respective vendors.

Job Guidance:

We provide resume customization, behavioral session and technical session during our placement assistance program. We also provide you 3 months on job complimentary support. There is an emphasis on “education for capability” which ensures that you will be attractive to a wide range of employers.

N. B:

The college is approved by Ministry of Training Education and Universities, Ontario, Canada and follows the PCC guidelines to register domestic and international students.

The course content is subject to change based on updates from time to time. For more details consult admissions coordinator at or contact the college.


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