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International Students

Effective June 1, 2014 all study permit applications must include Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number.

MLC College of Business, Technology and Healthcare is a Designated Learning Institution and our DLI number is DLI#O19607783802 [The first character in DLI number is a capital letter “O” and not a zero]


International Applicants over the age of 18 years old, must either:

a) Write the MLC College Academic Achievement Test (“the Wonderlic Admissions test”) and receive a minimum test score that is approved for the program that the student is applying for
b) Provide proof of academic standing equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (OSSD).

For students who are under the age of 18 years old:

You must provide proof of academic standing equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (OSSD). International students under the age of 18 years old do not have the option of writing the Wonderlic Admissions Test. International students under the age of 18 will also need to have their student enrollment contract signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Students who do not write the “Wonderlic Test”, must provide proof of academic standing equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (OSSD).

Some examples of certificates equivalent to OSSD include:

For England, Asian countries, the West Indies and Africa, the General Certificate of Education with grades of A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3, in five academic subjects at the “O” or Ordinary level;
Hong Kong Certificate of Education with credit in five academic subjects or pass standing in six academic subjects;
Chinese University of Hong Kong Entrance Examination with a pass in five academic subjects;
PR China Senior Middle School Certificate;
Russia and States of the Former Soviet Union: Attestation (Attestat) of complete secondary education.

Students must provide the following to MLC College, (or a third party agent at the discretion of MLC College), for evaluation:

An original or certified copy of a diploma/leaving/graduation certificate;
An original or certified copy of academic qualifications (academic transcripts showing grades and marks achieved);
An official English translation if the academic documents are not in English.

MLC College occasionally works with third party credential evaluation service providers. Depending on the location where your education was taken, applicants may be asked for consent to share this information with third party agencies, such as World Education Services, for the purpose of credential evaluation.


Depending on the MLC College program that you are applying for, there may also be additional entrance requirements. Please contact a MLC College Education Consultant for more information on the program specific entrance requirements.


In some cases, a Proctor may be required for you to write your Wonderlic Admissions Test, and/or any other program specific entrance tests. Please contact a MLC College Education Consultant to arrange for exam proctoring services. Students are responsible for paying for the cost of Exam Proctors if necessary.


Applicants from countries where English is not the only language of common usage will be required to submit proof of English proficiency as measured by one of the following recognized tests: TOEFL, IELTS or CAEL.

The following are the required test scores for all MLC College Diploma programs:

TOEFL Paper-based test – Minimum score of 550 required
TOEFL Internet-based test – Overall minimum score of 80 required, with minimum scores of 20 in Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.
IELTS – Minimum overall band of 6.0, with no single test score below 5.5
CAEL – Minimum overall score of 60

Please provide the name “MLC College of Business Technology Healthcare” and the full campus address at the time of taking the test. Test scores are to be sent from one of the testing agents directly to MLC College.

If you choose to take the TOEFL test, the MLC College Institution Code is 0535.

Information about the language proficiency test can be found by visiting the testing agency website:

• TOEFL (Please refer to institution code: 0535)



Only tests taken in the last two years are considered valid.


The following applicants are exempt from submitting TOEFL, IELTS, or CAEL scores:

1.International students who completed a minimum of two years of full-time secondary or college level education in one of the countries where English is an official or the only language of common usage (check below if your country is listed on our ESL exemption list).

2.International students who obtain an International Baccalaureate in English from one of the International Schools’ members of the Council of International Schools (

3.International students who received a passing score on the CAAT administered at MLC College College (students physically present in Canada who wish to take the CAAT should call International Admissions for more information).

All other students must submit their valid TOEFL, IELTS, or CAEL scores to our International Admissions.

Only tests taken in the last 2 years are considered valid.

International Students :
We believe students are global citizens and will drive the global economy in future. We welcome this fraternity on our folds and help them every step of the way until they succeed in their career objective.

International Student Admission Procedure

Effective June 1, 2014 all study permit applications must include Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number.

MLC College of Business, Technology and Healthcare is a Designated Learning Institution and our DLI number is DLI#O19607783802 [The first character in DLI number is a capital letter “O” and not a zero]

New rules aim to protect Canada’s international reputation for high-quality education and improving services to genuine students. The new rules will:

  • limit the issuance of study permits to applicants who will be studying at a designated learning institution (, including institutions that are designated by provinces and territories on the basis of meeting minimum standards;
  • require students to actively pursue their studies while in Canada; and
  • Allow full-time international students enrolled at designated institutions in certain programs to work part time off campus and full time during scheduled school breaks without a work

The Citizenship and Immigration Call Centre can answer questions, in English and French, about the new rules.

Call Centre telephone number: 1-888-242-2100

Welcome to MLC College!

MLC College welcomes students from around the world, and appreciates the opportunity for cultural enrichment in the educational arena. However, important immigration requirements must be met and a visa may be required if you’re an International Student wanting to attend MLC College.

You must demonstrate English Proficiency with IELTS overall band 6.5 ( with each subject being 5.5) or complete the ESL program to fill any deficiency. The ESL program will be of 4 weeks or 8 weeks . If you require a visa, the visa officer will issue it at the same time as the documentation necessary for your entry to Canada as a student. Before you apply for a student authorization, you must be accepted as a student by a Designated Learning institution, and that institution must decide if you meet its academic and language requirements.

You must meet certain immigration requirements to obtain a student authorization to study in Canada. These include:

  • Presentation of an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution you wish to attend;
  • Providing evidence of financial support to pay for tuition and living costs;
  • Satisfying a visa officer that you will return home at the end of your studies;
  • Passing a medical examination .


Please read the “Documents required” section of this page and visit the websites we’ve linked to in order to learn more about studying in Canada. Contact us if you’re ready to begin the application process as an International Student at MLC College or if you require any additional information.

Documents required

  1. Proof of acceptance

For attendance at an approved university, College or technical institution, you need a letter from the educational institution you’ll be attending that shows

The name of the institution;

  • the DLI # of the institution
  • confirmation of your acceptance and/or registration as a student;
  • the name of program of study;
  • the duration of the academic program;
  • the latest date you may register for attendance


  1. Proof of identity
  • A valid passport or travel document or identity document that guarantees re-entry to the country that issued it (citizens and permanent residents of the United States, Pierre and Miquelon, and Greenland do not require a passport but do require proof of status such as a national identity card or an alien registration card);
  • Two recent passport size photos for each family member (the name and date of birth of the person should be written on the back of each photo).


Proof of financial support

You must prove that you can support yourself and the family members who accompany you while you are in Canada. You can prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself in Canada by showing some of the following:

  • proof of a Canadian bank account in your name if money has been transferred to Canada;
  • proof of a student/education loan from a financial institution;
  • your bank statements for the past four months;
  • a bank draft in convertible currency;
  • proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees;
  • a letter from the person or institution providing you with money; and
  • proof of funding paid from within Canada if you have a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational.


The following table shows the guideline that you will need.

Synod. Program Fees Living Expenses ( Including dependents if any) Medical and Contingency
1. As approved by MTCU Add Living Expenses ( Accommodation , Food, Clothing, Entertainment, Travel etc.) Medial Insurance and any Contingency Expenses


If there are foreign-exchange control measures in your country, you must provide proof that the exchange control authorities will allow you to export funds for all of your expenses.

  1. Letter of explanation


 In some cases, you may wish to apply for a study permit even if you do not need one right away. There are benefits to having a study permit, even if you do not require one. If you have a valid study permit, you can:

  • work part time on campus at the College or university at which you are registered as a full-time student; and
  • apply to renew your study permit from within Canada, if you decide to continue studying in MLC College


If you decide that you want to continue your studies in another program after you complete your short-term course or program, you must apply through a Canadian visa office outside Canada for a study permit if you do not already have one.

Applicants must meet all minimum admissions requirements which cannot be waived by MLC College or by the applicant under any circumstances.

The admission process is normally completed in few working days. Accepted students receive an e-mail with a Conditional Letter of Acceptance, and must pay a tuition deposit. On receipt of this deposit, the College will issue an Official Letter of Acceptance. Include the Letter of Acceptance with your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Visa and Study Permit.

Students without proof of medical insurance in Canada will not be able to register for classes. To be officially admitted to the College and register for classes, you must pay the remainder of your fees.

Note: Refund policy applies as per the policy of the College aligned to The Private Career Training Institutions Agency of Ontario , or PCC Ontario. Students are legally obligated to read, understand and sign the policy upon admission.

 Visit the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and University ( website and the Ontario international students ( website for comprehensive information about international education in Ontario . For the latest information on studying in Canada, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada   (

Contact us ( ) if you’re ready to begin the application process as an International Student at MLC College or if you require any additional information please fill the form below.


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