Healthcare Programs

Healthcare Courses : 

You may have heard that the opportunities to work in the healthcare and health technology sector is very good, and will continue to be over many years. While there are no guarantees with employment projections, there are other factors involved that mean people will continue to demand more medical services. Because of this, we feel that working in healthcare is widely regarded as the closest thing to a guarantee that you’ll find a job and keep one. Following  is a list of healthcare professional courses we undertake .

One of the healthcare program’s primary objectives is to expose students to the health care field. Opportunities for students to observe health care professionals at work are important to the program’s success and we make every effort to make it practical and workshop focused where you will do real life based hands on practice and develop confidence and competency in the healthcare field.

Our facility staff will coordinate job duties and supervise the students. Job duties may include those that enhance the comfort of patients and those that provide assistance with social and recreational activities. Most programs in health and wellness of our institute will be conducted by doctors and technologist who are veterans in their field with years of industry experience.

Medical and Healthcare Certification Programs :

  • CRA     : Certified Clinical Research Associate (CCRA)
  • FDA     : Food and Drug Administration for professionals (FDA)
  • CMS     : Certified Medical Secretary (CMS)
  • CPT     : Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
  • CMA     :  Certified Medical Assisstant (CMA)
  • CDA      : Certified Dental Assisstant (CDA)
  • COTA    : Certified Occupational Therapy Asistant (COTA- NBCOT)
  • MOA      : Medical Office Administration
  • MOP      :  Medical Office Procedures
  • MRM     : Medical Record Management
  • MBC       : Medical Billing and Coding
  • MTC       : Medical Transcription
  • MTN       : Medical Terminology
  • MAP       : Medical Anatomy & Physiology
  • PLTW     : Continuing Education Course (or WORKSHOP) on  PHLEBOTOMY


 COMBO Medical Professional Certifications and Workshops  :

  •  CMA  + PCT     : Certified Clinical Medical Assistant + Professional Computer Skills Training
  •  CMB  + CA        : Certified Medical Billing & Coding Associate
  •  MOA  + EHR    : Medical Office Administration + Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  •  EHR   + PCT     : Electronic Health Records (EHR) + Professional Computer Skills Training
  •  EKG   + PLT + PCT   :  Certified EKG + Phlebotomy + Professional Computer Skills Training



Our programs are designed according to the standards and guidelines established by the following organizations:


Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]
World Health Organization [WHO]


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness and Promotion
Canadian Diabetes Association
Canadian Hypertension Society
Canadian Red Cross
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada


College of Nurses of Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Ontario Ministry of Labor
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board [WSIB]

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* All healthcare courses are offered to people with professional experience in the industry requiring professional development and skills up-gradation .

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