Education Loan for New Immigrants

Immigrant Access Fund

An IAF loan can help if you are a newcomer and struggling to pay for the costs of the Canadian licensing or training you need so you can work in your pre-immigration career.

Loans are available to immigrants who do any type of work. People who receive IAF loans are both skilled workers and professionals.

IAF loans are made to people who are trustworthy and are of good character. They lend to people not based on where they are today, but where we believe they will be in the future.

IAF micro loans are different than regular bank loans because IAF does not require applicants to be employed, have a credit history in Canada, or have collateral-all typical bank requirements. And IAF micro loans are available to people who cannot receive a student loan because they are not taking full-time studies or they have not been in Canada long enough.

IAF invests in people who the banks would turn away – people who have skills and abilities our society need.

In order to avail funding for education please email us at

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