E Training

E-Training anytime anywhere in the world :

Online training is an investment — for you and for your boss. In order to convince your boss to make that investment, you need to show what the reward will be. Make a case for how the training will have a direct impact on your job. Perhaps it’s an SEO training course that will help you to improve your company’s site ranking and increase traffic. Or maybe it’s a training course on effective communication that will help you improve department relationships and provide better customer service.

At MLC  we provide exclusive online training using the latest state-of-the-art technology .

The e-training methodology has been proven and encompasses both conference bridge and web interface with the option to view the instructor through the  deployment of video technology. The participant participates in the group discussions and demonstrates the practical’s just as  we do in a one on one classroom environment. The training has benefitted those who are remotely based  as well as those who do not want to travel.  The live chat room support in the training also allows immediate comments  on the web board as well as voice interaction making it almost like a real life scenario.

For details please e-mail us at info@mlccollege.com

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