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In the case of direct or indirect references being made to third-party homepages (“Links”), which are outside MLC College´s area of responsibility, an obligation to assume liability would only come into force if MLC College were to be aware of the content and it would have been technically possible and could be reasonably expected that the use be prevented in such cases where the content is deemed to be of an illegal nature.

MLC College therefore expressly declares that the linked pages were free from illegal content at the time the link was placed. MLC College has no influence on the current and future design of the contents of the linked. MLC College therefore hereby expressly dissociates itself from all of the contents of all of the linked pages which were amended after the link had been placed. This has validity for all of the links and references on our own Internet presentation and for external entries made in guestbooks , discussion forums and mailing lists set-up by MLC College.

The provider of the page which is referred to and not the party which merely refers to the individual pages via links bears sole liability for damages incurred as a result of the use or non-use of information provided in such a form.

Rights of Copyrights and Idetification Marks :

MLC College endeavors to take the copyright of the used graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts used in all publications into account, use sound documents, video sequences and texts or make use of unlicensed graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts. Non of these are in violation of any SAP AG, Oracle, or John Wiley & Sons Copyrights.

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